heeey everyone:) follow me, please. I'll tottally follow you back.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yeah..its me again.

yeah, it's me again. haha. sorry, i know I'm annoying. i know this is like, the third time i've posted. but whatever.
and i know this is the hundreth time I've said this...
but yeah.

Anyway, so I really need your help to reach my goal for getting as many followers as I can before Christmas Eve. yeah,  I know I have 18. but still. I'd like to get at least 25 or more. but yeah..if you do that, comment below and tell me you will, and tell me what you'd like ME to do to return the favor. I will help YOU get more followers aswell, or make you a blog button or whatever you'd like. so yeah, please please I'll help you all back :) just leave a comment below!!


P.S. i'm sorry i'm bugging you. i just looooove to talk. haha. soooo sorry. :(


~Abby~ said...

Hey, nice blog! Thanks for following..I'm your 19th follower! :)


Sharayah said...

haha thanks! ehhh my blog is okay :) sweet! I like your blog aswell xD

Holly said...

Hey! Great blog! And I see you like Britt Nicole also! :) I'll be your next follower in just a sec. :) And since you asked, if you don't mind, could you make a blog button for my blog please? Thanks :)

Also 1 more thing. I heard about this blog from your cousin's blog, and I was hoping you could let her know, since I have no other way of telling her, that the reason why I haven't commented on her blog is because she doesn't have her comments turned on and so it won't let me. Please be sure to let her know! Thanks! ;)

Sharayah said...

Hi Holly! haha, yes I do love Britt Nicole!xD I'll defiantly follow you back xD I'll tottaly make you a Blog Button! I'll have it on one of my blog post's as soon as it's done xD I told her! When she gets a chance to be on the computer, she says she'll fix it for ya! :):)Thanks for commenting!