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Monday, December 6, 2010

What's happening xD

Heyyy all :)~
My goal isn't working out well. 17 days until Christmas Eve~ and only 15 followers. Whatever. haha, I'll attempt to make it to about 25 or 30~ AAAAH! haha, just kidding.
So nothing interesting has really happened yet. Yeah, I know it's the Holiday Season. buuuut nothing has happened. yet. haha. Yesterday I went out for Ice Cream with my awesome friend!~ Yes, yes. I know what your thinking. There's a foot of snow out there and it was storming out and it's about 15 degrees! Well, were I live up North it's freezing and we all still eat ice cream. HAHAHA~ alright. And Saturday it was my cousin's birthday so we celebrated that. Annnnd...that's all. Plus, yesterday was Church and Youth Group.

~~~~~And ofcourse, Christmas is soon! haha! i need to do some Christmas tags. i'll have to go google some. hehe. 18 more days! I can't believe it! So that'll be something exciting to write about. ALSO, my Church throws a New Year's Eve party December 31st obviously. (I'm not sure if I'm going or not. We'll see...) so if I go...that'll be pretty cool. ALSO, I should really take more pictures and post them to my blog soon! ahhhh. haha.

YAHOO! haha. anyway! thank you for reading. byyyyyyyyyyyyye.


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