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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Teen girl daybook :)

So I'm gonna be doing this really cool thing called ''Teen Girl Daybook'' every Saturday! You are very welcome to do it too, if you'd like!!!

Let's get started!!!

Date... November 13th, 2010

Starting time...10:37AM

Mood...Happy :)

Outside my window...Leaves are covering every part of the ground, and some trees :)

I'm thinking... about Church tomorrow :)

I'm reading... ''Rachel's Tears''.

 I'm listening to... The sound of my sister walking, and brother downstairs in the basement.

I'm wearing... A pink shirt with a huge loose hot pink hoodie that says the name of my state on it :) and jeans.

Yesterday, I... did nothing. haha!

I'm excited for... Church and Youth Group tomorrow.

I'm sad because... I have a little bit of a cold :(

I'm hungry for... nothing really

The song stuck inside my head is... Britt Nicole- Headphones

 I want... to hold my guinea pigs :(

I love... God <3

I hate... nothing :-0

This week, my goal is... to sit around and do nothing :D

Did I meet last week's goal?... noooo

Ending time... 10:40AM.

Okay! Well that's it for this Teen Girl Daybook! I'll be doing another one this upcoming Saturday :)
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