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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Teen Girl Daybook~ Week 4.

so today I'm gonna be doing the fourth week of Teen Girl Daybook~

Date... November 27th 2010

Starting time...12:09PM

Mood...happyyyyy :)

Outside my window...a bunch of snow piled on the ground and grayness in the sky :(

I'm thinking... about the snow xD

I'm reading... nothing at the moment.

I'm listening to... the older brothers playing Guitar Hero upstairs. haha.

I'm wearing... dark wash long bootcut jeans, white camisole and white T-shirt and a pinkish reddish V-neck sweater, and a Santa Claus Hat xD

Yesterday, I... decorated for Christmas!!!!

I'm excited for... Youth Group tomorrow~ oh yes, and CHRISTMAS!

I'm sad because... not sad at ALL! xD

I'm hungry for... nothing :D

The song stuck inside my head is... Fire-Krystal Meyers.

I want... to see my friends xO

I love... Jesus Christ <3

I hate... nothing :-0

This week, my goal is... to decorate MORE for Christmas!

Did I meet last week's goal?.. no idea!

Ending time... 12:12PM.

so if you guys wanna do the Teen Girl Daybook, feel free xD


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