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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

6 random facts about me!

so recently, i've been looking for some blogs to follow, and i've been commenting on there post asking them to follow me back :) and i found this ''10 random facts about me'' thing. i know alot of people do these things, and so i wanted to do it tooooo! :)
so let's get started!!!

1. i am afraid of spiders!!! i don't like them at all. everytime i see one, i have my sister or one of my brothers come and kill them! were i live, we dont have alot of bugs and spiders and stuff (cause were i live is VERY snowy and cold) so im not really used to seeing them. yuckkkk!

2. i know this sounds lame or whatever, buuuuuut i HAAAATE milk AND mayonnaise!!! and this also probably is weird, but i dont like pudding and jello either!!! blaaaah. im a bit weird!!!

3. i am afraid of heights. idk, it makes my knees go weak and its just creepy. im fine with air planes as long as i dont look out the window!!! AHHHH!

4. i HATE sports and all that type of stuff. i have always been VERY accident prone and clumsy, so those types of things don't work out for me. one day, when i was roller skating (this isnt really a sport, but still) on REGULAR skates with my friend, i fell on her basement floor and made my elbows all bloody and nearly broke my leg and almost cracked my head open- that's happened several times. HAHAHA.

5. I LOOOOOOOOOVE DECORATING! christmas decorations is my favorite!!!! anything that has to do with decorating is awesome in my opinion! but i have to be in the mood for it, if i'm not in the mood for decorating- i refuse to do it. hahahahaha.

6. im homeschooled :). i went to school for 3 years (both Christian Schools) when i was little. Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade. and now that i'm in the 6th grade, ive been homeschooled for a little more then 4 years!!!! :)

Sooo yeah thanks!!!


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