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Monday, November 29, 2010

My perfect imperfections (beauty tag~xD)

alright. so lately I've been looking for some more tags to do~ and after searching Google and Youtube, I found some!!!

this one is called ''My Perfect Imperfections''. i usually am not interested in beauty tags. but whatever :)

3 imperfections~~~

1. my eyebrows! you see, (i get this from my Grandmother and Mother) my eyebrows do this dumb 'wisk' thing. the upper part of my eyebrows will fling up, so i end up ''hairspraying'' them down!!

2. my shortness! yeah- i know i am only 11 and should be only 5 feet tall. but it sucks- and i dont like it. blah. i mean i don't wanna be a six foot giant, but at least 5''5 or 5''6.

3. my nails!!! they are EXTREMELY weak and break and chip so easily, i have to keep them short or they'll look disgusting. :(

3 things I like:

1. MY EYES!!! my eyes are big, round, and hazel. haha. they are a bright green color when they're green, and they're a green brown color when they're ''brown''. i dont know why i like them so much- they're sooo pretty though, in my opinion. LOL. and when i wear eye makeup they POP!

2. my lips. the upper part is heart shaped, not pointed like most people. haha. :)

3. and last, i would say...my feet! i've always had small feet. haha :D

yeah, lame tag I know. do it if you'd like. haha.


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