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Saturday, November 27, 2010


so now that Thanksgiving is over. i'm tottaly going to start doing some Christmas tags! let's get started!!!:

1~ Do you have your tree up and decorated?~ HECK YEAH! the big one that we open presents around is up and decorated~ the ''kid's'' tree is decorated, the ''holiday'' tree is always up, and me and my siblings get our own tiny tree to put in our rooms :)

2~ Do you love to decorate?~ YESSSS! my favorite thing, atchually!

3~ Do you make your own ornaments?~ Yes. Some I buy though :).

4~ Do you know one thing your getting for Christmas?~ um nope :) i wanna be surprised!

5~ Are you giving your friend's/family gifts?~ yes. haha. i'm getting my friend's some things- not sure about family, possibly. haha.

6~ Has it snowed yet?~ YES! ofcourse! it snowed on Halloween here (i live were its very cold) and yesterday it snowed, so yeah there's a bunch of snow on the ground. also, it snowed this morning. :)

7~ Are you excited for Christmas Day?~ YESSS! i know it's kinda early- but i cant wait! hahahaha

8~ Do you still believe in Santa Claus?~ haha. nope, never have.

9~ Are you going Christmas Caroling?~ well- me and my friend WERE going to go Christmas Caroling with our Church. but we didn't, because we both cannot sing! hahaha

10~ Do you listen to Christmas Music?~ YESSS!!!

well! I'm gonna tag EVERYONE who would like to do this tag! so go ahead and please do it!!!


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