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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a random post :)

heyyy guysss...
well, my hair is officially a curly frizz ball. mainly because it's snow storming outside...so yeah.
does anyone know any hair products that help the growth of hair??? i've been looking for some. i'm thinking about getting hair extensions (yes..that's how badly i want my long beautiful hair back)
BUT ANYWAYS! i'm so excited for Summer! i need it. now. this always happens after Christmas!
my cat is sitting  by me. watching everything i type. he's scaring me.
alrighttttt. welllllllll i'm probably gonna be doing a tag sometime sooooon.
i just cleaned and re decorated my room. hahaha. before, you couldn't see the floor. now it looks okay.
yeah. :):):):)::):):):):):):):)))))):))

anyway, see ya!!! love u all!!!



Kindros said...

Noooo, you don't need extensions. :)

I can't wait for the warm weather either. I'm already tired of the 10-20 degree we get on a daily basis. 30's feel like t-shirt weather though.

Should watch out for your cat, I think they are much smarter than they put on.

Sharayah said...

haha, i'm sooo not used to short hair :0 it looks cute on anyone but me! hahaha. but thanks :) and same here! 30's is flip flop weather for me, hahaha!! yeah my cat is smarter then my dog, atchually. he's kinda a grouch...:/