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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A random post:)

                                  This picture was freakin tooken last Summer. it's still cold out,
                                   and it's April....i hate bees.

                                        HEARRRT SHAPED! like, not that you guys care. but
                                         this is a random post, so I can post this, k? lol. they're so
                                         pretty. We got this after Valentines Daaaay.

                                      isn't it prettttty?!!?!?!? I loooove love looove this rose.
                                      Yellow roses are my faaavorite.
                                          I love these thingssss! like I said, not that you guys care.
                                         i'm just bored. lol, the bunny on the front is cute.

                                     Yeeeep. my starburst wallet. it opens up, obviously.
                                      But the ribbon tied it together. i like it though, it's neat.

                                       ahahahaha, why on earth did i add this? idk, but i love pepsi.
                                        it's good. yep. most people prefer coke. but whatever.

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